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I absolutely adore spending time with couples. So much so, that I decided I should make a page for interested couples, as often they may be new to companionship. I am a true bisexual, who is attracted to both men and women. I find it to be very sacred and special to be invited to spend time with the both of you and in that experience help you become closer. I am happy to take the lead when we meet or I can sit back and enjoy...


For our first session I find it most relaxing when we plan to spend a couple hours or an evening together. When I first come in I like to sit down, maybe have a drink and become acquainted.


Nervous? Don't be... I assure you once we lock in that connection your reservations will melt away and together we'll  find ourselves blissfully indulged in the moment.


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All of my callers must first submit to screening, both for my personal safety and the safety everyone in general. I screen everyone individually so please do not fill out the form as a couple. 


Some ladies ask for a different donation structure with couples but I enjoy couples so much, why would I ask more for icing on the cake? I kindly suggest scheduling at least 2 hours to ensure we are able to take our time so everyone has an incredibly fulfilling experience.

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