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Common Inquisitions Explained

Please make sure that you've read through my website in it's entirety - a lot of the questions you have are in the pages. 

I enjoy meeting for dinner dates or an evening on the town.

I prefer to meet at 4 - 5 star accommodations for new friends, upscale condos and apartments if we meet again.

At this time, I predominantly offer outcalls but incalls are available upon request. It should go without saying that you be showered and groomed when I arrive.


I prefer that you keep your phone silenced and put away during our session, I want to be completely focused on one another. Also, I do not allow photography or filming of any kind during our time together. If at any time I suspect that you are recording, or taking photos- the meeting will be immediately terminated. 


Most importantly, we are here to have a good time and enjoy each other! Mutual respect and trust are key! 

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